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Thomas Mauser

Licensed since 09/1994
Aviation Law/Air Passenger Rights

Marion Richter

Licensed since 02/1998
Tenancy and Property Qwnership

Eva-Carina Sans

Licensed since 09/2002
Law Construction, Architectural and Insurance Law

Annett Feuchter-Schulz

Licensed since 01/2006
Trade and Corporate Law, Insolvency Law

Bianca Herrmann

Licensed since 05/2008
Tenancy and Property Ownership Law

Eva-Maria Sommer

Licensed since 11/2009
Travel Agreement Law, Commercial Legal Protection

Christine Winzer

Licensed since 11/2013
Aviation Law/Air Passenger Rights

Alexander Gutz

Licensed since 06/2009
Aviation Law/Air Passenger Rights

Nina Ebert

Licensed since 05/2021
Sales and Service Contract Law, Transport Law

Susanne Eigenseher

Licensed since 05/2001
Banking and Securities Law, Insolvency Law

Philipp Steinbrenner

Licensed since 01/2023
Strategic management function: responsible for long-term, systematic and goal-oriented guidance

More than point of contact:
Here you can see the partner of your ideas. The operations team of your legal interests. But most importantly : Your personal representatives. Because every case is a special case and individual and client service inalienable for the close interlocking of our know-how together with your specific demands and therefore assumption for the awareness of your business, your customers – and your personal interests.

About the law office.
11 lawyers, one name, one team. That’s how Thomas Mauser Rechtsanwälte is serving well-known clients in the B2C and B2B sector – from SME to FinTech to DAX Group. We are active with a total of 30 employees at both locations in Mannheim and Künzelsau in all fields of law of B2C and B2B business, f.e. Trade – and Corporation Law, Copyright and Insolvency Law. Thereby is the individual consulting and representation always decisively, the specific know-how and industry knowledge is a multiplying factor as an added value of every collaboration. The success rate is above average.

As a law firm with a high and ever-increasing level of digitization, we are able to serve clients whose business modes require scalability. Thus, it is possible for us to process order volumes automatically and thus efficiently (Legal Factory).

The recipe for success: flat hierarchies, personal contact, professional handling, useful and correct processing in analogue and digital concerns. Furthermore the approach to appear customer preserving-methodical but human, willing to compromise but consistent.

The Goal: the triad between legal possibility, actual feasibility and economical sense making to bring in one valuable accordance. Thereby our law office is measuring themselves on their own demand, to enforce the right of the client, to protect assets and to strengthen satisfaction.

This is what Thomas Mauser Rechtsanwälte is talking about when they say: We fight for your right.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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